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Email Marketing: A Tool for Your Business Growth

In this age where brand competition goes digital, one great way to make your mark is the use of email marketing. Email marketing is a good strategy in a country like Australia where internet usage is quite high.

Rays Digital, a leading digital marketing agency in Melbourne, shares all the information you need to know about email marketing and how it can make your business grow.

What is Email Marketing?

By definition, email marketing is the use of email in marketing your services or products. Any email communication from  a brand and sent to a potential or current client can be considered email marketing. It aims to build loyalty and brand awareness by sending updates or advertisements to its target market.

How Can It Help Your Brand?

Email marketing is cost effective. Every company uses the internet and the only possible cost will be the challenge of making the email creative and will grab the recipient’s attention. Email is accessible to, and by, everyone. Your email list will also always remain with you as long as you have your email address, so a win-win situation for brands.


One of the best reasons to use email marketing is to drive sales. A company who will have an upcoming promotion or sales event can use email marketing services to attract their customers to their event.

Brand Awareness

Emails help you to directly reach someone. Sending a personalized message about your company and the latest in your brand will be more efficient and effective than a post on your website or social media accounts.
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Customer Loyalty

Email marketing can drive customer loyalty. The moment you introduce a new product to the launching of a newsletter to update customers, customers will remain loyal to your brand because they know they are prioritized and valued.

How Does It Work?

Brands normally use email marketing management services to utilize email marketing. This is normally called an email marketing software. It sends and manages email marketing campaigns. It has the necessary tools and bandwidth needed for email blasts. Remember, personal email addresses are called as such because that is their purpose : for personal use. You also need an email list to successfully launch an email marketing campaign. This list includes email addresses who gave consent to receive email marketing campaigns (opt in, as normally called in email language).Make sure you note this part to avoid any violation in data privacy laws.

Rays Digital Can Do This for You!

You don’t need to go through all the hassle of setting up an email campaign by yourself. Rays Digital, a trusted digital marketing agency in Melbourne, has thorough expertise in email marketing. We can build your brand presence even better through email marketing without the fuss on your end. Contact us to know more about this!