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How to Make ‘Near Me’ Keywords Work for You

How to Make ‘Near Me’ Keywords Work for You | Rays Digital Blog

If you’re a business starter or an experienced businessman, you’ve probably been recommended to maximise the use of SEO (search engine optimisation) as a very crucial element of a successful selling tactic. However, your operating team might not be familiar with this method. This is where Rays Digital, a trusted digital marketing company Melbourne, can help your business grow exponentially.

Firstly, we make sure that ‘near me’ keywords work since working in a local setting is an effective approach to reach out to audiences nearby. Recently, a lot of businesses have been integrating “near me” into their titles and content because in principle, if someone searches for “something + near me, the pages that mention them are likely to rank high on SERPs.

However, simply adding “near me” in your content may sound unnatural if not awkward. This is why you should know how to use it properly.

How to Properly Use and Maximise “Near Me” Keywords

To make sure that “near me” keywords work for you, these two important things must be done.

  1. Post your complete address on your site, then properly mark it up with quantitative data.
  2. Set up a Google My Business local catalogue to locate your business address and link it to your site.

How a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne Can Help

Yes, it’s simple and easy to conduct the first two things above. However, delving deeper and further, carrying out local SEO has to be done to drive more sales to your business. Our digital marketing services in Melbourne are helpful in serving your digital marketing needs. Any business whether it’s a mom and pop store, a medium enterprise, or a corporation, our local SEO makes sure that your product or service can be located at the specific moment when customers in the area are on the lookout for them.

Take a look at this example. Someone owns an organic retail store with 20 branches across the country. He would be spending some amount to promote his store on social media platforms as well as on Google. He is thinking of getting a good ranking using some phrases like “best natural stores Australia” or “top organic shops Australia.” This is just too general. Narrowing down the keywords will work better.

Note very well, customers will be searching for the nearest branch. So, they will likely use search keywords like “organic store near me” or “organic shop Melbourne.” In other words, you need to use these authoritative words ‘near me’ and the specific location. If the branch is in Melbourne, use the keywords including the type of shop then the location. Example, “baby store Melbourne”, “shoe shop Sydney”, and so on.

To explore local SEO further, avail our digital marketing services. We’re here to help you!