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How to Turn Your Company Into A Brand

How to Turn Your Company Into A Brand | Rays Digital

We all know it’s a big world out there for businesses.  Everyone wants to have a slice of the pie and competition tends to be tough. To make your presence more impactful, your company should have brand building strategies. Building your brand is important because it transforms your company into an established identity in the marketfield.

Rays Digital, a top notch digital marketing agency in Australia,  shares tips that can guarantee success in building your company’s personal brand.

The Name Matters

In the case of a competitive business environment, your name alone should carry the whole essence of your business. It should reflect your identity, values and what you offer to the consumers.  You can also be witty in choosing your name as long it would match the identity of the brand you are establishing.

Logo and Representation

The logo is not just an artwork that complements the name. Choosing a logo is important in building your personal brand. It should stand out, and will be memorable for the consumers. It also promotes brand loyalty.

Colors and the Psychology Behind It

Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung has been credited as the pioneer of color psychology. It is the field of study that focuses on how colors affect behaviors and perceptions. In the field of marketing, this focuses on how colors affect consumer’s brand perception and if they will purchase or not. Fast food companies normally use bright tones like yellow, orange and red as it promotes moving fast. Those in the financial world normally use dark red and blue. Red typically catches the attention, while blue symbolizes trust and order.

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Even Businesses Need personality

We normally look for friends with the same personality as ours, right? The same goes in building a brand. A company should establish their personality as it can attract its target audience and establish brand equity. This is an important factor so your company can gain a foothold in the marketplace.

An example is Buzzfeed, an internet, news and entertainment company that focuses on digital media. The company established itself as a cool, exciting, and fun brand. Aside from expanding into specific niche markets, the brand has created international editions in Australia, Japan, India, Germany, Brazil, Mexico and UK.

Apply Branding to Your Business

It is important to make sure the brand identity is implemented across the board for your business. This will establish consistency and will gain trust from consumers. This is important especially if your business has a presence both in traditional physical space and online.

Evolution Is the Key

As your business grows, so should the brand. Logos can be updated to give a more modern look. It can even help overhaul the identity, just like what happened when the Australian logo was redesigned. Color schemes and fonts can also be updated to match the direction of where the business is taking.

We are a trusted digital marketing agency in Melbourne that can help you create your brand identity. We work closely with our clients for their brand building strategies. And with extensive experience in this field, together with our strong line up of experts, we can surely boost your company’s presence. We can start building your brand now, just contact us!