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How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Tips for Writing Product Descriptions That Sell | Rays Digital Blog

Are you ready to attract more new customers and maintain loyal ones?

Killer product descriptions are what you need the most. As a trusted digital marketing agency in Melbourne, we believe that a product description must do more than “explain” the product at hand: it must also showcase its value and communicate why the product is worthy of purchase.

Product descriptions must successfully sell your product to actual people by educating them on the benefits of the product, its unique selling point, the solutions that it offers, and why it is the greatest potential answer for your target market. Consider the product description to be the virtual equivalent of a salesman. They’re 24/7 available for customers to read, so, make it a killer as they’re connecting with your audience any time of the day.

How to Write Effective Product Descriptions

Our team is here to provide you digital marketing services in Melbourne to help you with product descriptions that convert sales. Here are guide questions to start with:

1. Who are your target audience? – Knowing your specific customers is definitely the top thing. Let’s say you’re selling a bag. Who do you think will be interested in your bag? Is it the working sector or teens? Assume your bag is for teens. Describe the materials used, its durability and dimensions. Then thoroughly illustrate the interior. Specify whether there’s a zipper pocket, cell phone pocket, and a slot pocket. The interior pockets attract teens a lot because they like to put their mobile phones in the bag’s pocket while listening to music.

2. What are your products’ advantages? – People buy things that would benefit them. Showing the good points of your items will prompt customers to purchase from you. Identify what your products will improve, increase, reduce or prevent. For example, a weight loss pill will reduce your appetite. A facial soap can prevent acne and warts. And a lotion bar nourishes the skin. Write specific benefits for each product and keep in mind that the more benefits listed, the more converted sales. If you want to effectively pinpoint your products’ top selling points, talk to an experienced advertising agency in Melbourne, such as Rays Digital!

3. What emotion do you want customers to have? – Consider the feelings and experiences when they’re reading your description? Do you want them to get excited and thrilled? If yes, let them experience excitement and thrill using words like ‘immediate, speedy and on-the-spot’. These are highly stimulating words. While curiosity stirrer words are ‘exposes, shows and usual’.

4. How do you differ from others? – Definitely, it’s a competition between various digital shops. So, pinpoint exactly what features enable you to give higher value to customers at an accessible price, resulting in a win-win situation that can increase your company’s overall profitability and sustainability. To be significantly different, focus on your products, services, means of distribution, connections, reputation, and most of all competitive pricing.

Okay, you’re done with these top questions to answer. You’ve identified the product’s advantages, sellable power words, and your difference among others. So, now, it’s time to check how your website is ranking on search engines. Not sure how? We can optimise your website. Connect with us and convert more sales in the digital world.

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