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The Power of Email Marketing for Your Business’ Growth by Rays Digital

The Power of Email Marketing for Your Business’ Growth by Rays Digital second | Rays Digital

Have you ever thought about a world without email? Well, it is all thanks to the man who brainchild the electronic messaging system, Ray Tomlinson. Email is known to be the oldest form of digital communication medium. At present, an article from Financesonline.com states that there are about 4 billion email users worldwide and it is projected to blow up to 4.5 billion in 2024. 

Imagine how these billions of email users can help your business. This is the opportunity that most marketing agencies are using to help their clients. The same goes for Rays Digital, the leading digital marketing agency in Australia. We are a company that utilizes the advances of our technology in favor of your business. Aside from using the newest social media platforms, we are also experts in the world of email marketing. Learn what email marketing is and how it is used in securing your business’ success.

Email Marketing: What is it all about?

Using your business email, you will send marketing material to your current and potential customers. This promotional email aims to increase your brand awareness, generate leads and sales. It is like an invitation for people on your email list to consider the products and services you are selling.

How to set-up a successful email marketing strategy?

Email is one of the top-performing strategies in marketing and advertising a business. You just need to build these three essential aspects of a topnotch email marketing campaign:

1. An active email list. It is the list of prospective clients’ email who signed up or shown interest in receiving more info about your company. You can create a longer email list by creating a lead magnet or offer.

2. A trusted email service provider (ESP). It is a software or email marketing platform that manages your email list and performs automated email marketing campaigns. It is the key in personalizing your interactions towards clients with meaningful engagements.

3. A clear and definite goal for your email campaign. First and foremost, you need to create a certain goal for your email marketing strategy. Choose whether the content is for driving sales, boosting your brand, nurturing leads, and engaging customers.

The Power of Email Marketing for Your Business’ Growth by Rays Digital | Rays Digital

Benefits of Doing Email Marketing

Let us dive into the positive outcomes you get from an effective email marketing campaign:

  • It widens your network and boosts your branding. You are able to reach a larger scale of potential buyers and spread information about your products and services. 
  • You build trust from your audience. Email marketing is a permission-based invitation to know more about your brand. The more people who entrust you with their email contacts, the better. It means your brand has this image of legitimacy and professionalism. 
  • Email marketing is the fastest way to increase your ROI. Sending promotional emails to hundreds of thousands of audiences can lead to higher potential buyers.

It is a great way of developing website traffic for your business. Your email campaign can contain articles or blogs from your site. It is also a good way to add links to your website and make them visit your products and services pages.

Lifting your Business up Through Effective and Coherent Email Marketing Strategy from Rays Digital

As a professional advertising agency in Melbourne, Rays Digital can use email marketing effectively and drive your business to success. Our team is skilled in navigating the world of email marketing to your advantage. Let our marketing services lead your business growth in a short period of time. Contact Rays Digital now to know your options!