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Website Development From an Expert’s Point of View

Website Development From an Expert’s Point of View | Rays Digital

On a daily basis, we tend to use our phones and connect to the world wide web for different purposes. Some of us use it for buying necessities, researching new information, for entertainment and more. Web designs sometimes affect our way of selecting the company to visit online. Most of the time we go to websites with interesting, simple and clear designs.

Let Rays Digital, a renowned digital marketing agency in Australia give you some tips on how to build a professional and efficient web page. Reading this blog, you can learn how beneficial it is for your business to have a web design that is professionally made. Follow the advise of our expert web developers and reap great results.

Build a mobile-responsive website.

The most accessible gadget used by many is the mobile phone. You may be browsing the internet for a good restaurant and your mobile is the easiest gadget to use. Create a mobile-friendly business website to get more audience. Probable customers may be off if they can not properly navigate your web page in their handy phones.

Aim to be easily ‘searchable’.

With the help of expert marketing agencies like Rays digital, your web page can be more ‘searchable’. Make sure to use SEO best practices, effective online marketing strategies and advertisements to increase your website traffic.

Dedicate a clear space for your contact information.

The best way to increase your clients is by putting your contact information to the most strategic space in your web page. You can put it on top of your homepage and use the correct font size, style and colour that can make it more visible.

Create good navigation strategies.

Navigation tabs should be not more than five tabs placed on top of your homepage. Organise related pages using functional dropdown menus. Moreover, make sure to find ways on how your clients can easily go back to the homepage.

Avoid cluttered web pages.

Plan the proper balance between text and image positioning on your website. Too much text usually bores the audience while too much images can relay inaccurate information about your business. When you reach the right balance of the two, viewers can decide to be more engaged.

Website Development From an Expert’s Point of View second | Rays Digital

Display accurate facts only.

Posting the wrong contact information and inaccurate details of your products and services can negatively affect your business. This can result in a bad reputation in the online platform and decrease sales.

Make a lag-free webpage.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Navigating a business page that takes time to load is annoying. Avoid this by regularly updating your software, optimsing videos and images and using an effective website host.

Post enticing call-to-action.

Lure your potential buyers to do something after visiting your web page. Create short and yet impactful call-to-action phrases. Make it visible on all pages of your site. It can be a call to contact your company’s number, sign-up for a service, buy a product or other actions that are beneficial to your business.

Show design simplicity.

In terms of web design, choose colours that best represent your branding. Make it personalised as much as possible. Create a unique branding and stick with it for all of your marketing strategies. It should be simple and creative.

Make customer-oriented content.

Your business’ website should not be for the sole purpose of increasing sales. It should also be a site that shares educational information related to your products and services. Give a web page that is interesting to the eyes of potential clients.

A Professional Website from Rays Digital Can Be the Key to Your Business Success

We are a reliable advertising agency in Melbourne that is equipped to deliver an effective and professional web page for your business. Other than a successful website, we are also known to help businesses with our quality services like social media and email marketing, eCommerce development and brand building.  Let us turn your dream website into reality by contacting Rays Digital now!